Are you looking for relief from chronic fatigue and or fibromyalgia?

Read on to find out more!

You have probably been looking for relief from your fibromyalgia symptoms for some time and every time you desperately search the internet you feel as if there's no point but at the same time you are still hoping for something to help. Since I am a person suffering with fibromyalgia and have been and still am in your shoes, let me clarify right from the start: This is a website that can provide you with some relief through counseling and psychotherapy especially tailored for fibromyalgia and /or chronic fatigue. This is not a medical site that will provide you with some type of cure. 

Ok. So you are still here. Good. Let me tell you that there is help and that you can benefit from! Counseling and psychotherapy can provide great relief to sufferers on a multitude of levels. Stress being one of the main triggers can be lowered through psychotherapy and that on its own is very important since your symptoms can, according to the relevant research, actually become milder. 

You can take home all the known benefits of psychotherapy which are truly precious but at the same time you will gain a strong psychotherapeutic relationship with a professional therapist who literally knows what you are going through! 

Throughout my career as a psychotherapist I have experienced what works best and what does not with clients suffering with fibromyalgia and/ or CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome). I am always up to date on the latest medical research on the syndrome, so that you don't have to be.

I will provide you with easy to understand science, advice, tips, techniques and will be your companion through this difficult existence.

Anxiety and depression often follow after the first years or even months following the onset of the condition, and that's only natural...but it is really important to stop them in their tracks so that you don't have to deal with those, on top of the condition! Yes, psychotherapy can and has done this over and over again. 

Sessions are provided through the internet worldwide in native speaking English so sorry, no "exotic" English here though I am Greek ;-) 

I cannot promise you that there is a spot available but please do get in touch since there might be one or even two at the time of your contact.

You no longer have to feel all alone in this! Know that every time you talk about your body's invisible pain, I will know what you're talking about. Every time you say "they think it's in my mind", I'll understand.

Every time it's hard to get out of bed. I'll tell you "It's ok"

And there's more which cannot be adequately described on a website.

If any of what you have read here resonates with you, please drop me a line. I take great pleasure in helping people. It's sounds like a commercial cliche, but in my case it's not. 


My full CV will be available to you upon request, until this whole website becomes available in English. Until then you can email me here: psy_ak@yahoo.gr

Text me here: +306988 134848 (viber, whatsApp, telegram or SMS)

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/angelos.konstantinidis.7

Thank you for visiting!

Archangelos (Angelo) Konstantinidis

BSc. Counseling psychology. Teesside University

MSc. Clinical Psychology. University of East London